Peter Reithmayer, Julius Louma

Welcome to the joint dental practices of Peter Reithmayer and Julius Louma, your dentists at Böhmerwaldplatz in Bogenhausen.
Thank you for your interest in our practices!

For us, your permanent oral health and a high-level sustainable, holistic dentistry are the number one priority.
At the same time, we provide comprehensive counselling and service in a relaxed and soothing environment – we are guided by your needs and preferences.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our practices soon!

Yours sincerely,
your team of dentists at Böhmerwaldplatz


Peter Reithmayer

Peter Reithmayer


Curriculum Periodontology (DG Paro)
Curriculum Implantology

Specialised in treatments such as:

  • Gingivitis / periodontitis treatment
  • Dental implants
  • High-quality dentures
  • Metal-free bridges, crowns and prostheses
  • greendent® − Europe’s first vegan tooth cleaning
  • Tooth cleaning / prophylaxis
  • Fillings & Inlays
  • Root canal treatment
  • Bleaching (teeth whitening)
  • Temporomandibular joint treatment (CMD), Splint therapy
trusted dentists
Julius Louma

Julius Louma

Curriculum Endodontology


Healthy and beautiful teeth for life

The services of your dentists at Böhmerwaldplatz in Bogenhausen, ranging from prophylaxis for children and adults, tooth preservation to providing implants and high-quality, aesthetic dentures, encompass any field of modern dentistry.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive counselling in a relaxed, anxiety-reducing environment. We do not consider your “tooth problem” alone: we are guided by your personal situation, your needs and preferences. You, being informed as best as possible and without being pressured, can decide on “your” therapy.